Have You Heard Of Clickbank?

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Clickbank and how it can help you leave your day job and start a home business on the internet. It’s the largest site on the internet for digital products for affiliates who want to sell.

In a sense, you could align Clickbank with the giants of online retail: Ebay and Amazon.

When Clickbank first came out, it was well-known to a small circle of insiders. Then these insiders started making money with Clickbank and begin to create courses and books about how to make money with Clickbank – the same way that they did.

However one of the biggest reasons that Clickbank became so famous online was because it was able to present itself as an independent merchant account. Sellers could sell their products and receive their income within a short period of time – which would give them the opportunity to immediately re-invest into advertising – thus causing more sales to come in at a rapid pace.

Because of this, Clickbank has grown exponentially. They now have over a combined 10,000 digital (and now physical) products in their marketplace, and has over 100,000 partners affiliates. And not only do product vendors benefit from this, but affiliates benefit from this also.

Clickbank offers TONS of tools to help affiliates make money with the products in their marketplace. These benefits include:

– A secure affiliate link that can’t be tampered with

– Tutorials and videos on how to get going (no matter if you’re a vendor or affiliate)

– Best practices on how to start getting sales and commissions

– World class customer support

– Articles and support pages

– And more

Clickbank makes it easy for affiliates to get started and for vendors to sell their products to the world. And for beginners, they offer an online training program called “Clickbank University” that allows people to learn the ins and out of making money with Clickbank the easy way.

To learn more about Clickbank and Clickbank University, simply visit below to learn more:


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