Quick Tips For The Clickbank Newbie

Are you new to Clickbank? If so, I’m sure you’re reading this because you’ve heard so much about it and want to learn more.

The thing about Clickbank though is although it is very popular, don’t think that you will just place affiliate links all over the place and expect to wake up with thousands in the bank account.

Now there are indeed alot of products to promote in the Clickbank marketplace. But you should know that you should start with a topic area that you know ALOT about.

This will give you “affinity” in the marketplace – meaning you already have an upper hand on niche because you already know so much about it. Which means that you probably won’t have to do any niche homework.

And when you do find that niche, you should know that you will have a large supply of products to choose from to begin selling with.

The trick is finding one that has as reasonably large enough commission – and finding one that you can earn monthly recurring commissions from. This is the biggest hurdle you will probably face when selling Clickbank products.

When you’ve made commissions and it’s time to get paid, you should know that the process couldn’t be easier than ever.

Clickbank handles all of the payment processing, and when it’s tax time, they’ll send you a tax document that will serve as your proof of income. Alot of affiliate marketplaces don’t offer you this convenience.

Some affiliate marketplaces require you to handle all of this on your own – as if you’re some kind of super accountant. This is definitely a benefit on your end, especially if you know nothing about filing taxes for a home business.

There’s no Paypal Mass Pay’s that you have to send, or any kind of unorganized commission payouts to individual affiliates.

One last thing I want to mention is that, it’s a good idea to promote products that have a fairly large commission rate. No sense in promoting something that you can’t earn a large commission on.

Combine this, along with the feature of recurring monthly income… and you will be good to go when it comes to earning the kind of money that you’re looking desperately for.

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